Body Contouring in Brick, NJ

The intelligent, non-surgical alternative to invasive procedures. Experience Body Contouring, cellulite reduction, and a slimmer tighter shape with no pain, no needles, and no dieting.

Dr. Park Avenue uses Venus Concept, authorized by the FDA for all body contouring procedures. 

• Tighten lax skin around the cheeks, jowls, and neck to give patients a firmer, more youthful appearance.
• Improve the appearance of sagging skin around the upper arm to help give the illusion of a slimmer, tighter silhouette.
• Firm up lax skin around the abdomen area to create a smoother, tighter waistline

• Treatments work to break down fat cells around the abdomen area, resulting in noticeable circumferential reduction.
• Firm, lift, and contour the buttocks and thighs to give the body a smoother, slimmer silhouette.
• Give the waistline more contour and definition by breaking down fat cells under the tissue and tightening sagging skin in the area.

• Minimize the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and rhytides for noticeably more youthful-looking skin.
• Reduce wrinkles and rhytides around the neck area for a noticeably younger-looking appearance.

• Reduce bumps and dimpling around the buttocks and thighs, resulting in a smoother, slimmer silhouette.