Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Using a patient’s own fat as a dermal filler is not a new concept. However, the traditional fat-harvesting technique does not provide long-lasting results. The process entails suctioning out the fat and then separating the collection using a centrifuge. Both steps can cause trauma to the fat cells. Adipose (fat) tissue is composed of fat cells with fragile cell membranes. In order to preserve a cell, its membrane needs to be left intact. Avoiding trauma to the fat cells is paramount to create good yield and lasting results.

The Water Assisted Liposuction device, or Body-Jet, reduces trauma to the cells by avoiding higher suction and centrifuging. As compared to 45-50% retention rate with the traditional method, the Body-Jet reduces trauma and can achieve up to an 85% retention rate. This technique basically washes the cells from your body. A good analogy would be to envision a garden hose (Body-Jet) aimed at a grapevine. The spray from the garden hose causes the grapes fall, intact, from the vine.

The method of harvesting the fat is evident; and one can see how the adipose cells can remain viable. Jet-assisted fat transfer (J-AFT) is the effortless way to remove and harvest high-quality fat* for autologous fat transfer. During the J-AFT procedure, a laminar water-jet gently dislodges, washes and harvests fat from selected areas of the body. The fat is collected in a separate FillerCollector™ or LipoCollector™, where it is ready for re-injection to the face, hands, or other parts of the body where rejuvenation and volumizing is desired.

With J-AFT, there’s no centrifuging or additional processing needed before fat transfer, and the entire procedure can be completed in significantly less time than other fat transfer procedures. J-AFT is a simple, safe and effective procedure that is gentler for patients, while helping to preserve the viability of harvested fat cells.*J-AFT is a gentle way to remove fat, requiring less force than other methods of liposuction.

Traditional or energy-assisted lipoplasty is designed to disrupt and destroy fat cells in order to remove them from the body. J-AFT, on the other hand, uses gentle irrigation and low suction power to dislodge and remove fat. Additionally, J-AFT doesn’t require classic pre-infiltration, which helps to shorten procedure times while sparing fat cells from excess exposure to infiltration fluid.

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