IV Hydration Therapy in Hoboken, NJ

Now, at Dr. Park Ave Hoboken you can take advantage of our IV Hydration Therapy. With this therapy, you get the hydration and nutrients you need right when you need them, without waiting for them to go through your body’s system.

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IV Hydration Therapy Price List:

BOOST - fastest way to combat dehydration and refresh for a natural, healthy glow. 120 

BEAUTY - Glowing skin, healthy hair, strong nails. Experience this beauty enhancing drip to look and feel your best. 150

BEAST – Enough said.  For the fitness fanatics who welcome wear + tear on their body.  Loaded with high dose amino acids which increase and maintain performance endurance. 150

MOOD - Need a little help relaxing, focusing, and feeling overall…better? These vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are essential to balance mood and stress. 150

SICK DRIP – Flu, stomach bug, cold symptoms?  Revive yourself quickly with this sick relief drip so you don’t miss a beat in your busy life. 150

PARTY RECOVERY - Are you sorry you woke up this morning? Headache, nausea, worst hangover ever?  Regain strength, combat your discomfort and feel re-energized…to do it again. Includes medications to eliminate nausea and headache. 150

Add On Booster Shots

  • Glutathione Master Antioxidant. 40  .  Shot Only. 80
  • Vitamin B12 – Pure Energy. 20  .  Shot Only. 60
  • Tri-Amino – Power Fitness. 40  .  Shot Only. 70
  • BCAA – Muscle recovery. 50  .  Shot Only. 90
  • Zofran – Anti-Nausea. 20  .  Shot Only. 40
  • Toradol – Pain Reliever. 20  .  Shot Only. 30
  • Lipo-C – Metabolic Weight. 40  .  Shot Only. 60
  • Calm – Rest + Relaxation. 40  .  Shot Only. 60